ORS Consulting - Outplacement Redundancy Support

Executive Program

The Executive Program is aimed at senior management and long term employees who may have not been on the job market for some time. It is executed on an individual basis and involves extensive mentoring on an on-going basis, up to date market information and extensive career diagnostics. The executive program includes unlimited helpline support with dedicated Career advisor and is a more detailed and in depth version of the individual program.

  • Comprehensive Manual - Provides quality information for all delegates who receive a personal copy to take away and use for reference.
  • Developing your Curriculum Vitae - The CV or resume is the delegates 'calling card'. We provide step by step guidance for each individual to develop a well structured CV and will provide each delegate with professional Curriculum Vitae.
  • Understanding the Job Market - It is important to understand the status of the job market but also the unadvertised job market. We provide up to date information on both the current and unadvertised market status, together with lists of useful contacts.
  • Marketing Yourself - We show the delegate(s) how to apply the principles of marketing to themselves, and how to conduct a proactive and effective marketing campaign utilizing traditional and the most up to date methods.
  • Transferable Skills - In a shrinking market it may be necessary to widen the field of options a little. We deal with how and where the delegate(s) can reposition themselves most successfully.
  • Interview Technique - Understanding the objectives of the interview and how you can best prepare yourself are both fundamental to success. These issues are covered in depth with exercises to assist, and practice to perfect.
  • Consultancy, Interim Management and Contract Roles - We examine the pros, cons and practicalities.
  • Dealing with Stress - Our unique approach provides a cognitive appraisal of the mechanisms of stress and provides practical techniques for overcoming these.
  • Helpline - A helpline is provided so that each delegate can get personal help as and when they need it.
  • Behavioural Profiling - Another invaluable tool in the recruitment process. We have an extensive portfolio of psychometric testing, temperament profile analysis and benchmarking tools. We carry out profiling online prior to the program.
  • Membership to an interactive Careers Website - A Complete suite of continually updated information to help you continue your career.