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Personality Profiling - Psychometrics

Psychometric testing is an invaluable tool in the recruitment process, both in tandem with redundancy support as well as a stand-alone tool for recruitment and selection. ORS Consulting has a wide range of tests, temperament profiling tools and benchmarking products in our portfolio which utilise the most modern technology and more importantly can be administered via the web making them efficient and easy to use.

The benefits of psychometric testing are far reaching, from being effective in team-building initiatives and reviewing current employees to being integral to helping staff being made redundant discover their skill set. They examine how we act and react in situations, how we respond to problems and obstacles and determine our personality. Thus, enabling employers to establish where the employee is best suited within a business as well as an insight into how the candidate would be best managed.

The psychometric report offers the employer an opportunity to examine:

  • The basic natural behaviour that a candidate would bring to a job
  • How a candidate would choose to do the job
  • The talents that would be brought to a position
  • How the candidate would perceive and solve problems, influence people and respond to the pace of the environment they are in
  • Where the candidate would need to improve, where training would be best allocated and where support would be needed
  • The 12 specific factors that make the candidate successful and more importantly whether they meet the behavioural demands of the job